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05 October

Virtual Escape Game - Hallows Hill


From Free


05 October 2021

19:00 - 21:00




Non - Music

**IMPORTANT NOTE** We're using a social platform called Gather to host the escape room events. Gather works really well on a laptop or PC but not so well on mobile devices like mobile phones and tablets at the moment. Please do try to join via a laptop and NOT a phone or tablet if you possibly can.

A missing woman, a forgotten scandal, and an abandoned house that everyone agrees should be left alone...

Hallows Hill is an online experience like you've never seen before. A co-operative, cinematic escape game designed to challenge your wits and shiver your spine.

Play as a group over video chat and work together to solve the mysteries, unlock the puzzles and make your escape.

Book now, if you dare, and we'll tell you how to get inside.

Watch a preview of the game with this trailer. 

How to Join the Event

We're hosting the event via Gather, our super-fun social avatar platform. We'll update the link to the Gather space just before the event is due to start so you can click it to join. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Book your ticket
  2. Click the link at the time of the event (or five minutes before if you want to have a mingle). You can access the link from either the email confirmation we send to you or by logging in to your account from this page.
  3. Follow the instructions to create your personalised avatar character
  4. Complete the brief how to tutorial if it's your first time using Gather (most people don't need a tutorial though - you just use the cursor keys on your keyboard to move your character around)
  5. Await instructions from your host. Our host will join the 'stage', you'll see what we mean at the time of the event and explain how the event will work. The host will then organise everyone into small groups so they can play the game

Why not try out Gather before you join the event so you can see what it looks like? Use this link to do so and feel free to have a wander around.